temp The Absolute Importance of Energy Surveys Want to know how energy efficient your commercial buildings are? Or aren’t? Where you’re winning? Where you’re losing? And what you can do to save energy AND money? An Energy Survey can typically reduce your energy costs by 20%. Our comprehensive energy surveys will tell you everything you need to know. All the threats. All the opportunities. The tips, the tricks and the technologies to cut waste consumption and reduce your carbon footprint. For all the latest information on Energy Surveys call now on 0844 499 7574

What are Energy Surveys and Audits?

In short, a building energy survey will analyse your fuel bills over the past one to two years and in combination with a survey of your buildings, its fabric, its mechanical and electrical services, and how the building is being used, we will help you identify, quantify and prioritise real world ways to reduce energy use,  cut costs and reduce damaging carbon emissions in a building or on a site.

More than that we can even give you your renewable energy options. Opportunities to fit intelligent new green technologies that aren’t just low carbon, they also let you take advantage of any Feed-in Tariffs (FITs) and Renewable Heat Incentives (RHIs).

Business case development too. Plus technical evaluations, CIBSE TM22 analysis and reporting as well as.

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4 Great Reasons to Have an Energy Surveys

Typically, buildings offer many opportunities to reduce energy use and costs.

An energy survey means you can quickly and easily:

  1. Identify
  2. Quantify
  3. Prioritise

Essential insight upon which you can build your business case for any necessary investment on energy efficiency and renewable technology.

How are energy surveys and audits undertaken?

First we’ll discuss your project in detail; the project scope, the objectives (energy or carbon reduction?, profile-raising?, etc.), the budget, and your time scales.

  • Our experienced energy surveyors examine the energy use on-site.
  • We carry out an audit of consumption, and survey and review the building’s services and its fabric.
  • We also review operational and energy management practices.
  • Our approach is in line with guidance developed by CIBSE and the Carbon Trust.

Here’s what your energy survey will typically reveal

  • An estimate of the breakdown of the on-site energy use
  • Benchmarked site energy performance against similar premises
  • A study of the energy supply and the site metering strategy.
  • A building occupancy profile, the building’s use and any environmental conditions and requirements.
  • An examination of the building’s fabric, services and controls.
  • A review of  the energy management procedures and policy on-site, including maintenance.
  • Identification of energy and cost-saving opportunities. Typically, energy savings can be up to 20%.
  • Recommendations on how to save energy and costs, ranging from the no and low-cost opportunities to those that require capital investment.
  • A prioritised plan of action and basis for investment.

Time for an Energy Survey?

Would you like a crystal clear understanding of your energy use? Presented in plain English? Actionable insights that will give you all the information you need to make real change? Real opportunities to save real money?


Because that’s exactly what we provide.

Energy Surveys that don’t just deliver the truth on your energy use but also deliver the management guidance and advice to help you put in place the improvements that mean real world benefits for you.. and the planet.

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