What is a Level 2 Commercial Energy Audit?

In today's energy-conscious landscape, optimising energy efficiency is not only a responsible choice but also a strategic business decision. A Level 2 Energy Audit is more comprehensive than a Level 1 audit and involves a more in-depth analysis of energy consumption and potential energy-saving opportunities.

From analysing energy data and conducting comprehensive assessments to providing tailored recommendations, this audit empowers you to make informed decisions that enhance your bottom line, reduce environmental impact, and propel your business towards a sustainable future.


What is involved?

A Level 2 Commercial Energy Audit goes beyond the surface, delving into the intricacies of your commercial building or facility to reveal hidden opportunities for improvement. It is suitable for single sites, processes or fleets, to identify and evaluate a range of specific coherent opportunities with quantified costs and benefits.

A Level 2 audit provides a detailed understanding of energy consumption, and of relative contribution from each energy source including average and marginal costs. It can also help businesses to identify and evaluate low cost energy saving opportunities, providing comprehensive savings calculations and preliminary investment costs.

During the audit, our assessors will prepare energy consumption profiles and benchmarks (depending on consumption data available) to indicate current efficiency and to identify high energy consumers or inefficiencies and to identify anomalies in daily, weekly, monthly or seasonal patterns. They will conduct a walk through survey to inspect energy users and to identify low cost and easily quantifiable energy savings opportunities, and identify more capital intensive energy saving improvements. 

A Level 2 audit can provide typical and Indicative savings and payback periods calculated using common rules and simple payback method (Life-Cycle Costing Analysis where appropriate for ESOS Audits). It can also outline the steps required to generate specific actions that can be implemented (ESOS: Action Plan).


What is involved?
What can a Level 2 audit provide?

What can a Level 2 audit provide?

• Outline of steps required to generate specific actions that can be implemented (ESOS: Action Plan)

• Detailed understanding of energy consumption and use

• Understanding of relative contribution from each energy source including average and marginal costs

• Identification and basic evaluation of easily implemented low cost opportunities

• Determination and analysis, including comprehensive savings calculation and preliminary investment costs,for capital measures

• Compilation of data for energy review and monitoring purposes

• Operational profile and detailed energy balance.


Level 1 Energy Audit
Level 1 Energy Audit

Uncover energy efficiency opportunities with a Level 1 Commercial Energy Audit.


A Level 1 commercial energy audit is a fundamental evaluation that provides an overview of a building's energy consumption patterns and identifies potential areas for improvement.

Commercial Energy Audits
Commercial Energy Audits

Reduce your energy consumption and costs with our Commercial Energy Audits.


A commercial energy audit is an assessment of a building or facility to identify opportunities to reduce energy use, lower carbon emissions and save money.

Level 3 Energy Audit
Level 3 Energy Audit

Identify and evaluate energy conservation measures with a Level 3 Commercial Energy Audit.


A Level 3 energy audit represents the most comprehensive and detailed assessment of a commercial building's energy efficiency, often concentrating on specific opportunities or issues.

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