Commercial EPC and Recommendation Reports, and their importance

Non-Domestic buildings in the UK, by their inherent nature, are often incredibly energy inefficient. Especially older ones. Bad for the bottom line. Bad for the environment too. In fact 40% of all energy used in the UK is used to heat and power buildings.

Enormous waste and at the same time enormous opportunities for improved efficiencies. Efficiencies now measured and managed since 2008 using the Commercial (Non-Domestic) Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and its accompanying Recommendations Report which are now a legal requirement under the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations for any building constructed, sold or let in the UK.

In Scotland they are also required by all Public Buildings over a 1000sqm (instead of a DEC). The EPC calculates an Asset Rating which is displayed on an A-G energy scale and is  based on the energy performance potential of the building (walls, roofs, floors), its services (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting) and their controls. This enables the energy efficiency of a building to be assessed without the need for actual energy bills.

There are some exemptions (e.g. Places of worship, listed buildings, etc.)

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The Energy Act 2011

The Energy Act 2011 states that from 1st April 2018 it will be unlawful to let a property which fails to achieve a Minimum Building Energy Performance Standard (MEPS). It is expected that the minimum standard for England and Wales will be based on an E- Rated Energy Performance Certificate.

Does your building meet the MEPS? If not you will have to carry out improvements to achieve the minimum standard before you can lawfully rent or lease it to a Tenant.

The Recommendation Report will list measures that will enable the building to meet the MEPS.

An EPC is also required to claim higher rate Feed-in Tariffs for Solar PV – EPC rating of D or above required.

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Identifying Efficiency Improvements

The  accompanying Recommendation Report will list cost effective measures to improve energy performance. Improvements based on essential research from the EU, BRE and DCLG and designed to lower carbon emissions, reduce climate change, secure energy supplies but most immediately and possibly most important of all to any bill payer – to cut energy costs.

Who Provides Commercial EPC Reports?

All EPCs must be produced by an accredited Energy Assessor. You’ll be wise to make sure that more than just accredited, your Energy Assessor is a capable, Commercial EPC specialist.

Inaccurate EPC’s can potentially lead to disputes and even legal action.

Here at Green Zone, our Assessors have been carrying out  Non-Domestic EPCs throughout the UK  since their introduction, not only for existing buildings but also for new buildings which require Building Control sign off.

We can provide Level 3, 4 and 5 Commercial EPC’s for existing and new buildings.

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How long are Commercial EPCs Valid For?

EPCs are valid for 10 years with failure to have a valid EPC or  Recommendations Report potentially making you liable for a fixed penalty fine.

Not having a valid EPC may also delay exchange of contracts or finalising lease agreements.

How to get a Commercial EPC Report

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Our team of experienced assessors are ready and waiting to create not only your commercial EPC but also its accompanying report and recommendations on how to both improve ratings and make energy savings.