What is a TM44 Air Conditioning Inspection?

A TM44 inspection, or survey, is an assessment of a building's air conditioning systems. Their primary purpose was to help businesses improve the efficiency of their buildings - more specifically, reducing energy consumption, carbon emissions and operating costs.

How much does a TM44 inspection cost?

A TM44 inspection does vary quite significantly in price as no two sites are ever the same. System type, number of units and building size all differ from site to site. This makes it difficult to set a standard fee for TM44. Additionally, TM44 inspections have two different levels. The level you require depends on the air conditioning equipment you have on site. Your building will need a level 4 assessment if your building has air handling units or centralized chillers.

The fee for a level 4 inspection will be higher than a level 3. This is because the assessor will need to inspect more equipment and take longer on site. Furthermore, the report will take longer to write up as there is more content. If you are unsure which level you need we can advise what is required for your property. The easiest way to calculate the cost of a TM44 survey is to contact one of our expert commercial compliance teams. They will be able to provide you with a free quotation and answer any questions that you might have.

How much does a TM44 inspection cost?
Enhanced Recommendation Reports

Enhanced Recommendation Reports

Our unique ability to provide enhanced TM44 recommendation reports sets us apart. It's one of the reasons that we are the preferred property compliance partner for so many businesses. These build on the standard report format by offering even greater levels of detailed analysis. This includes projection modelling, and identifying how much money and energy you could save by implementing the assessor’s recommendations. Furthermore, they are useful in identifying projects that will help to reduce your carbon footprint.

With an enhanced TM44 recommendation report you will also gain access to our secure online report management portal. From here you can engage and interact with reports for your entire property portfolio at the click of a button.

These are very popular with our clients who want to reduce energy and operating costs. In addition to being compliant with TM44 regulations. If you like the sound of these, get in touch, we can send you some PDF examples.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions to provide you with further information about this service.

What are the benefits of TM44 inspections?

A TM44 survey not only ensures compliance but can be an extremely effective way of identifying energy inefficiency in your air conditioning systems.


Firstly they ensure your premises are compliant with UK law and EPBD legislation. Moreover, a TM44 survey can be an extremely effective way of identifying energy inefficiency in your air conditioning systems. Our bespoke recommendation reports accompany every TM44 inspection. These contain detailed advisory information which highlights ways to reduce your carbon footprint and improve your bottom line.

Are TM44 inspections a legal requirement?

Yes, TM44 is a legal requirement. You must have your air conditioning systems regularly inspected every 5 years. This will ensure you are compliant with TM44 regulations. If you do not you could be issued with fixed penalty notices of £300 per offence.


Therefore, if your company has 10 buildings that are all non-compliant your fine could total £3000. Additionally, the fines are repeatable until you can produce a valid certificate so this could increase further still.

Who needs a TM44 inspection?

Everyone, as long as your property meets the criteria. All properties, commercial and domestic, need a TM44 certificate as long as the 12kw threshold is met.


Even if a building doesn't require a TM44 inspection, having one will help you to improve the efficiency of your AC systems. We work with many organisations that get TM44 inspections done voluntarily. This is because air conditioning systems can be expensive to run. Our reports help you to make changes which will reduce their expense.

What does the process involve?

We will first liaise with you to assess your needs, ensuring your system meets the criteria for a TM44 inspection. From there, one of our accredited assessors to visit your site at a time most convenient to you.


Upon arrival, our assessor will perform a visual survey of your premises and air conditioning equipment. They will visually inspect your air conditioning system and documentation, including your F-gas register. The assessor will also identify how the system is used and analyze the building layout. This helps to determine how suitable the system is for its environment.


Once the TM44 inspection is completed, the assessor will collate the data and develop a bespoke recommendation report. The report will include details of all the assessor’s findings and an extensive summary of their recommendations. These recommendations highlight changes you can make in order to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions and operating costs.


We will then forward draft copies to you for your approval. Once you are happy, we will lodge the certificate on the National landmark register. The certificate is valid for 5 years from the date of issue. We also offer a reminder service to help ensure you are always compliant. To find out more information, get in touch.

What is a TM44 inspection?

A TM44 inspection is an assessment of a building’s air conditioning systems and is a legal requirement. Our bespoke inspection service will ensure your building’s air conditioning systems are compliant with TM44 regulations. Get in touch to see what we can do for you.

What is an enhanced TM44 report?

In addition to the recommendations in a standard TM44, an enhanced report provides potential annual savings per recommendation as well as an Asset Register. Get in touch to see what we can do for you.

How much is a TM44 inspection?

TM44 inspections vary in price as no two sites are the same. Our bespoke service is completely tailored you and your needs.

How often are TM44 inspections required?

TM44 Inspections are compulsory and legally required every five years and are lodged on the Government register. Our bespoke service will ensure your building is compliant.

Why are TM44 inspections required?

TM44 inspections are a legal requirement and are designed to:

• Improve the efficient use of air conditioning systems

• Reduce energy consumption associated with air conditioning

• Reduce operating costs

• Lower carbon emissions

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