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What is Radon?

Radon is a naturally occurring gas produced through the decay of uranium in rocks and soils. It is colourless, odourless and can be harmful to health if prolonged exposure occurs. This is because it emits radiation which can cause damage to living tissues and lead to various forms of cancer. Radon occurs everywhere, both indoors and outdoors. However, certain parts of the UK are higher risk than others. Public Health England produced a helpful Radon map to make it easier to determine if you live and work in a high risk area.

How Can You Test for Radon?

We send an assessor to site who will first conduct a site survey. Taking a number of Radon monitors with them. Upon assessment of the site, they will determine the best points to place the monitors. The monitors are then left in place for 3 months. During this period the monitors will detect the levels of Radon gas in the area and collect particles which can be analysed later. After this, we collect the monitors and analyse them in our specialist lab to determine how much Radon is present in the area along with the level of risk posed to the buildings occupants.

How often should I have Testing done?

Most experts advise that you should test for Radon every 2-3 years. Additionally if you make changes to the structure of the building you should get one done. A test is also recommended if the building is one you have recently come to occupy.

How much does a Test cost?

The cost of a test depends mainly on the size of the building. This is because bigger buildings require a more extensive survey. The bigger the building, the more monitors that are needed to ensure the testing is done correctly. More monitors means it takes our team longer to analyse them and this leads to an increased cost. To get a precise cost call or email us and one of our expert team will be on hand to provide you with an accurate, Free Quote.

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We cover the whole of the UK so no matter where your property is, we can help By offering Radon Testing services across the UK it also enables us to take on large portfolio work for organizations with geographically dispersed properties, ensuring we can help no matter how big or small your project is

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When you book a Radon Test with us we provide you with a dedicated project manager who will organize everything and guide you through the process from start to finish. This ensures that you will always have a direct point of contact who understands your needs and means they can provide you with the highest level of expertise and customer service throughout. All our Radon Project Managers are experts in Radon safety and can advise and organize remedial works that need to be undertaken to ensure safety in your properties.

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All members of our expert Radon Testing team are professionally trained and accredited. This ensures that when you book through us you are choosing professional experts who have vast experience and knowledge in Radon gas safety. All of our Radon Testing team receive regular training to ensure we always provide the best quality testing and customer service possible

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