What is a Level 1 Commercial Energy Audit?

In today's era of rising energy costs and increasing environmental awareness, optimizing energy usage has become a paramount concern for commercial buildings. A Level 1 commercial energy audit serves as a preliminary step in the energy audit process, designed to assess a building's overall energy performance and help building owners and facility managers make informed decisions about energy efficiency upgrades.

What is involved?

A Level 1 Commercial Energy Audit is the minimum Level required for ESOS Compliance. It is suitable for small or medium buildings, facilities, processes or fleets, or as a preliminary audit for larger organisations to determine potential improvements that require further Level 2 or Level 3 detailed study.

A Level 1 audit provides a quantitative overview based on overview data, and can identify areas of focus for energy management resources. It can also help businesses with an improved awareness of energy usage, costs and the potential benefits of energy management and can identify significant energy uses.

During the audit, our assessors will prepare energy consumption profiles and benchmarks (depending on consumption data available) to indicate current efficiency and to identify high energy consumers or inefficiencies and to identify anomalies in daily, weekly, monthly or seasonal patterns. They will conduct a walk through survey to inspect energy users and to identify low cost and easily quantifiable energy savings opportunities, and identify more capital intensive energy saving improvements. 

A Level 1 audit can provide typical and Indicative savings and payback periods calculated using common rules and simple payback method (Life-Cycle Costing Analysis where appropriate for ESOS Audits). It can also outline the steps required to generate specific actions that can be implemented (ESOS: Action Plan).

What is involved?
What can a Level 1 audit provide?

What can a Level 1 audit provide?

• Identification and basic evaluation of easily implemented low cost opportunities

 Understanding of energy consumption at a site, system, process or fleet level (depending on available energy and other data)

 Improved awareness of energy usage and the potential benefits of managing energy

 Determination of more capital intensive opportunities

 ESOS: Action Plan and Energy Management Matrix.


Commercial Energy Audits
Commercial Energy Audits

Reduce your energy consumption and costs with our Commercial Energy Audits.


A commercial energy audit is an assessment of a building or facility to identify opportunities to reduce energy use, lower carbon emissions and save money.

Level 2 Energy Audit
Level 2 Energy Audit

Delve deeper into your energy systems with a Level 2 Commercial Energy Audit.


A Level 2 commercial energy audit is a comprehensive assessment conducted to evaluate the energy efficiency of a commercial building in greater detail.

Level 3 Energy Audit
Level 3 Energy Audit

Identify and evaluate energy conservation measures with a Level 3 Commercial Energy Audit.


A Level 3 energy audit represents the most comprehensive and detailed assessment of a commercial building's energy efficiency, often concentrating on specific opportunities or issues.

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