Net Zero: what is it, and what does it mean for businesses?


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Net Zero: what is it, and what does it mean for businesses?

Newcastle-based energy assessment experts, Green Zone Surveys, is highlighting the importance for businesses to understand and be ready to work towards Net Zero, given the UK’s aspirations.


Net Zero, or Net Zero Emissions, is the name given to the concept of reducing emissions to effectively zero, in an effort to combat climate change.

It is a common term and is increasingly being used in companies’ climate and energy policies – but what does it all mean?


What is Net Zero?


In an attempt to tackle climate change, the Government has advised that the UK’s level of atmosphere-warming carbon emissions needs to fall to effectively zero, by reducing greenhouse gas emissions to a level where they can be balanced.

Because some emissions, like natural emissions from plants and crops, cannot be reduced easily, the “net” of Net Zero allows for the final overall quantity of emissions once removal is taken into account - this should be zero.


What does Net Zero mean for businesses?


Getting to Net Zero by 2050 is now Government policy, and for organisations with genuine net zero aspirations, creating and implementing a credible carbon reduction plan is a critical part of a sustainability programme.

Green Zone’s CEO, Callum Thompson, said: “Larger companies and public sector organisations are starting to view environmental performance as highly as financial performance, and are embedding carbon reduction procedures into their practices.”

According to the energy assessment experts, measuring your carbon emissions should formulate an important part of any business’ net zero programme, and it is vitally important to ensure calculations are accurate, to provide a solid understanding of what to reduce and how to achieve this.


How can my business be prepared?


Conducting energy assessment reports, such as a commercial energy audit or carbon reduction report, will help businesses to measure and report on their carbon footprint, identify quick wins to reduce carbon emissions and provide recommendations to support their journey towards Net-Zero.

Green Zone Surveys (UK) Ltd can provide Level 1Level 2 or Level 3 energy audits in compliance with the methodology outlined in with ISO 50002 or BS EN 16247: 2012, as well as detailed carbon reduction reports, outlining carbon footprints and recommendations that benefit both your company and the environment.

As one of the UK’s longest established providers of building and energy compliance surveys, Green Zone has been there since the beginning and has worked alongside businesses of all different sizes in a variety of industries. This means you can breathe easy knowing you are working with professional, industry experts who have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the full compliance process.



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