How an Energy Audit Could Save Your Business Money


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How an Energy Audit Could Save Your Business Money

An Energy Audit could be the key to saving your business a lot of money.


In today’s world, businesses face many issues. Increasingly, costs and carbon footprints are two of the major ones.

Unsurprisingly the two go hand in hand, the more energy a business uses, the higher its costs. Moreover, the more successful a business becomes, the bigger it gets, the more energy it uses and the high costs go higher still. Victims of their own success.

As the UK pushes towards Net Zero 2050, more must be done. Indeed, the last year has led to lower carbon footprints all round. As people switched to working from home the amount of energy used by commercial properties plummeted. So too did their operating costs. And so, many organizations are now looking at ways to ensure their energy usage and costs never reach previous levels. Even when we are all back in the office.

One increasingly popular method that private and public organizations alike are turning to is Energy Audits.

These are extremely effective ways of identifying what your current situation is, where you could be and how to get there. Additionally, they help you to rank and prioritize the most effective ways of achieving your energy and overhead goals.

What is Included in an Energy Audit?


To start with, we will set up a meeting with you to discuss your needs. This is so we can understand exactly what is important to you. As well as understanding your current strategies for reducing energy usage and costs.

After that one of our expert assessors will complete a full internal and external survey of your property. They will also comb through all your energy bills, BMS systems and everything in between. This is so they can paint the fullest picture possible of what your current energy usage looks like.

From there they will compile an extensive, tailor-made Energy Audit report. This will contain all of the assessors findings and lay out a vast array of recommendations as to how you can improve your energy efficiency and reduce costs.

So How Exactly Would This Save My Business Money?


Some of our previous clients have saved hundreds of thousands of pounds across their property portfolios. As a direct result of implementing the recommendations made in our Energy Audit reports. Only by understanding where you currently are can you begin to understand where you need to be and how to get there. Some of the recommendations will be simple to implement. For example, ensuring HVAC systems only operate during opening hours. A very simple initiative but one many UK organizations fail to implement and this affects their carbon footprints as well as their bottom line. Other initiatives could be more extensive; i.e. replacing old AC units for more efficient ones. However, it is important to remember our reports are tailor-made so we won’t include any recommendations that are out of scope or unrealistic. This ensures the information and recommendations in our reports are as relevant and attainable as possible.

By identifying the methods for saving, they can be implemented. This is how an Energy Audit could save your business money.


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