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What is TR19 Duct Cleaning?

TR19 Duct Cleaning is the BESA industry standard that governs best practice of the cleaning and maintenance of ventilation ducts.

Commercial kitchens produce several dangerous by-products such as grease and dust. These are extracted by the ventilation ducts and collect on the inside of the duct work. These deposits can pose serious risks to health and safety as they promote the growth of harmful bacteria. They also prevent effective ventilation and are an extremely dangerous fire hazard.

Regular cleaning maintenance should be undertaken by an accredited industry professional. If not done it can put staff, customers and businesses themselves at serious risk. Moreover, they could even leave you liable in the event of an incident and invalidate your insurance.

What is the benefit of TR19 Duct Cleaning?

Firstly, a TR19 Duct Clean ensures you are compliant with UK regulation and will protect you from liability and invalidated insurance in the event of an incident. TR19 duct cleaning can also help to improve the airflow in your kitchen, significantly reduce the chances of bacterial growth, reduce the risk of a fire and even improve your hygiene rating.

As usage varies from kitchen to kitchen, our dedicated in-house project management team can help to design a bespoke maintenance schedule that works for you and your business needs.

What does the process involve?

We will assign you a dedicated project manager who will liaise with you to determine the needs of your business. Firstly, they will work with you to create a bespoke service schedule and can provide an initial survey of your property to ensure the schedule meets your needs. Once done, your project manager will organize access, permits and any other on-site requirements.

Our expert cleaning team will then complete the visit, taking detailed photographs before and after cleaning has taken place. These are then fed back to your project manager along with a detailed report, highlighting the team’s findings and recommendations on remedial works.

Your project manager will then create a remedial prioritization schedule and organize any necessary works to be completed. Follow up cleans of your properties must be completed every 3, 6 or 12 months depending on your needs.  

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We cover the whole of the UK and offer out of hours and emergency call outs as part of our Duct Cleaning service.

Why is Duct Cleaning to TR19 standards Required?

Insurance companies impose policy conditions on appliance maintenance and system cleaning. In order to meet insurance company requirements and to provide an accurate record of cleaning performance, a report is necessary as a record for the client. At Green Zone we provide a full TR19 Report, containing before & after photographs and schematic drawings.

How often does my kitchen extract system need cleaning?

How often your kitchen extract system needs to be cleaned depends on how many hours per day the kitchen is operational. All kitchen extract systems require professional cleaning at least once a year. Kitchens that are in continuous use, fast food, high grease contaminated extract systems may require more frequent, monthly deep clean to remove the fire risk and improve hygiene.

What does our Kitchen Extract Cleaning Involve?

Ductwork cleaning is a specialist contractor activity and should be carried out by an appropriately trained specialist. At Green Zone we use a variety of different methods to achieve the required results from specialist mechanical brushes to air pressure systems and manual methods using specialist chemicals.

What Are the Risks of Not Having My Kitchen Extract Cleaned?

The build-up of grease in an extract system forms a hidden combustion load and during the cooking process flammable vapour is given off from cooking oils at temperatures between 200 & 300 degrees centigrade. A fire can occur when spontaneous ignition takes place at 310-360 degrees centigrade. The older the grease, the lower the ignition point hence why regular cleaning is of paramount importance. When grease ignites, fire spreads rapidly through the duct and can ignite surrounding materials along the ductwork path consequently transferring the fire. In effect, systems laden with grease can propagate what started as a small kitchen fire, causing major building destruction.

Why choose Green Zone Surveys?

UK wide TM44

Full UK Coverage

We cover the whole of the UK so no matter where your property is, we can help By offering Duct Cleaning services across the UK it also enables us to take on large portfolio work for organizations with geographically dispersed properties, ensuring we can help no matter how big or small your project is

Dedicated TM44 project manager

Dedicated Duct Cleaning Project Managers

When you book a Duct Cleaning with us we provide you with a dedicated project manager who will organize everything and guide you through the process from start to finish. This ensures that you will always have a direct point of contact who understands your needs and means they can provide you with the highest level of expertise and customer service throughout. All our Duct Cleaning project managers are experts in BESA TR19 standards and can advise and organize remedial works that need to be undertaken.

TM44 accredited

Fully Trained and Accredited Cleaning Teams

All members of our expert Duct Cleaning team are professionally trained and accredited to BESA TR19 standards. This ensures that when you book through us you are provided with a certificate displaying your TR19 compliance which can be shown to your insurance provider to demonstrate you are fulfilling your legal obligations. All of our TR19 team receive regular training to ensure we always provide the best quality and customer service possible

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