TM44 Inspection: Frequently Asked Questions


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TM44 Inspection: Frequently Asked Questions

The TM44 inspection has been a part of UK energy legislation since 2011.


Many people and businesses have struggled to understand what a TM44 entails in the years since it was introduced.

This article looks at the most common questions and tries to shed some light on what they are, why they are needed and who is responsible for ensuring they are completed.


What is a TM44 inspection?


A TM44 inspection, or TM44 survey is a comprehensive assessment of your building's air conditioning system. They were brought in as part of the EPBD as a method of improving the energy efficiency of UK buildings. Besides inspecting the system itself, the assessor will look at how the system is being used, serviced and maintained too. Quite often, the main problem is that people don’t understand how to operate their air conditioning systems efficiently.

The inspection should be conducted once every five years by an independent, accredited assessor who is suitably trained and registered.


Is a TM44 inspection a legal requirement?


Yes, they are. TM44 inspections have been a legal requirement since they were introduced in 2011. If the air conditioning systems in your building have a combined cooling output of 12kW or more, you need one.

Failure to ensure you are compliant with TM44 regulations is punishable by a fixed penalty fine of £300. This fine can be repeated weekly until you have a valid certificate in place. That means the fine for not being compliant is in fact unlimited.

How will an Air Conditioning Inspection (ACI) benefit me and my business?


Besides ensuring you are compliant with UK law, TM44 inspections do provide a range of other advantages.

One of the main benefits is the recommendation report that will be included as part of the inspection. These give detailed recommendations which can be used to improve energy efficiency, reduce your carbon footprint and overhead costs.


Who is responsible for TM44 inspection compliance?


The person or business with overall control of the air conditioning system itself. If you work in a serviced office and all you do is turn the thermostat on and off, that doesn’t qualify as having overall control. In that case, it would be the person responsible for managing the building.


How do I know if I need one and when it is due?


If you are unsure, call or email us and speak to one of our experts. We were one of the first organizations in the UK to offer TM44 inspections so we can confidently answer all your questions. Since then we have completed them for thousands of sites across the UK for businesses, public sector organizations and everything in between.

If you just want to know when your current TM44 certificate expires you can view your existing one on the National Landmark Register. Alternatively, use our free compliance reminder service and we will contact you when your renewal is due.


How much does a TM44 inspection cost?


There is no set price for the inspections as there are so many variables that can affect the price. In order to get an idea of price the assessor will normally need a copy of your asset list. This is a list of all your air conditioning equipment and will give them a better idea of what your system looks like; you can normally get this from your air conditioning maintenance company.

Additionally, the address and floor plans are usually enough to get an idea of how much the inspection will cost. If you don’t have access to these you can contact us directly and our experts can figure it out for you.


What do I do if I still have questions?


If you’re still unsure about anything covered in this article or would like a quote, call us on 0344 499 7574 or email us at



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