Level 5 EPC Qualification for Director, Karl Sharpe


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Level 5 EPC Qualification for Director, Karl Sharpe

The team at Green Zone Surveys would like to congratulate our Director Karl Sharpe. He recently became a fully qualified level 5 EPC assessor!


After completing level 3 and 4 EPCs for  many years all over the UK, Karl decided that the lockdown offered him the perfect chance to enhance his skill set. So set his sights on achieving the level 5 EPC accreditation.

“After spending the last few months in lockdown I was keen to use the time to achieve something. There are only a handful of EPC assessors qualified at level 5 so this seemed like the perfect thing to do. I am most looking forward to getting back out there and putting my new skills to the test” said Karl.

This is just one of Karl’s many achievements over the years in the industry and as a team we couldn’t be prouder!

As a company, Green Zone Surveys have been completing level 5 EPCs for many years. This has enabled us to provide EPCs for many of the UKs more complex buildings. A level 5 energy performance certificate is for buildings which are considered difficult to model. Buildings with domed glass roofs or glass atriums would fall into this category. Additionally, many of the UKs skyscrapers and shopping centers require level 5 EPCs.

We provide EPCs at all levels. However, as buildings become more complex, it is vital that there are qualified assessors who can accurately analyze their energy performance. This is more important than ever as our commercial buildings are one of the largest consumers of energy. Moreover, they are one of the biggest barriers to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

I need a Level 5 EPC, what do I do?


If you have a building that you think may require a level 5 EPC, get in touch. One of our qualified assessment team will be happy to assist and advise exactly what you need.

Call us on 0844 499 7574 or email us at info@greenzonesurveys.com for more information.



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