Not just a pretty picture… 

All objects, even very cold ones, emit heat as infrared radiation. Infrared emissions are usually invisible, but thermal imaging enables us to see and interpret them.

Infra-red thermography is now established as a valuable tool and fast becoming an essential method of measuring the thermal performance of whole buildings and assessing the surface temperature of a wide range of building products and components. Thermal imagery has many applications in the energy consultancy sector, from heat loss and moisture detection to electrical inspections. By generating images which clearly locate hot and cold areas, robust calculations can be performed to effectively assess the benefits of alterations to mechanical/electrical systems and building  fabric. With modern cameras, such as those used at Green Zone Surveys, it is possible to identify levels of heat loss by measuring the actual temperature on the digital image.

Green Zone Surveys strongly recommend utilising thermal imagery when undertaking energy audits to fully analyse the potential cost savings of energy efficiency renovation. Highly skilled and experienced Thermographers are able to interpret thermal images and diagnose any abnormalities in the condition or construction of buildings. Thermal imaging can also be used to spot serious faults that have significant safety risks, such as overheating electrical equipment. Green Zone Surveys would recommend routine annual surveys to minimise energy costs, reduce downtime of plant and eliminate potential sources of safety risk. Interpreting thermal images takes a high degree of skill and understanding and the Carbon Trust recommends using only specialist contractors to conduct a survey to avoid the risk of obtaining confusing or inconclusive results.

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