temp Assessing and improving our existing non-domestic buildings – section 63 of The Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 Qualifying commercial buildings in Scotland due to be sold or leased currently require a valid EPC. If these buildings have a floor space greater than 1000 Sqm, then from 1st Sept 2016 they will also require an Action Plan in order to assess and improve energy efficiency. The Action Plan must be carried out by an approved ‘Section 63 Advisor’. For all the latest information on Scotland Section 63 call now on 0844 499 7574

What is the Action Plan?

Where the regulations apply, the building owner must produce an Action Plan that both targets carbon and energy performance improvements and lists the building work necessary to meet 2002 Building Regulation Compliance standard.

Building owners have three and a half years to implement the Action Plan and then produce a final EPC to show that the building complies with 2002 Regulations

The owner can either make the improvements or defer them by instead producing a Display Energy Certificate (DEC) annually. However if you miss a DEC renewal, the Action Plan automatically kicks in and can no longer be deferred. You now have three and half years to implement the Action Plan.

All Action Plans and DECs are lodged to the Scottish EPC Register.

Like an EPC, the Action Plan must be made available to prospective buyers or tenants when the property is marketed.

Who Will Product the Action Plan?

The Action Plan will be produced by approved advisors, who, according to The Scottish Government’s latest Section 63 documentation, ‘have demonstrated competence in the assessment procedure and the provision of improvement advice to building owners’.

Green Zone already has approved Section 63 assessors and therefore we are able to immediately help our clients comply as soon as the Regulations begin to apply.

For a summary sheet and time table explaining Section 63, or for a copy of the more detailed Government Guide, contact us at info@greenzonesurveys.com  or 0844 499 7574.

Is my Building Exempt?


Buildings that meet 2002 buildings regulations energy standards; or have already been improved via a Green Deal (a UK Government funding mechanism) are exempted from the regulations, as are  buildings that are already exempt from requiring an EPC.

If you are not sure, contact Green Zone Surveys on 0844 499 7574 or info@greenzonsurveys.com

Find Out More About Section 63

Legislation can be complicated.

As is often the case, legislative details and requirements can change before the Regulations finally become law.

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