If regular cleaning and maintenance of your kitchen grease extract systems is not carried out, air flow efficiency is reduced and this can lead to the ideal environment for bacteria and cockroaches to thrive, as well as becoming a major fire risk. It can also invalidate your buildings insurance cover.

We can provide specialist extractor hood and duct cleaning service which operates to HVCA TR/19 standards and supply certification after every extractor hood and duct clean for insurance purposes. We also take before and after the clean photographic evidence.

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Kitchen Extract Cleaning - All You Need To Know

Specialist Extractor Hood & Ductwork TR19 Inspection/Cleaning

You will receive a post clean information pack including all relevant and required documents. This is useful for presenting to food hygiene or insurance companies for analysis. We will ensure that kitchen grease extract systems (canopies, filters, ductwork, risers and fans) in kitchens, are all running at 100% service capacity.

Other Benefits

Other benefits we bring to our clients include: the dramatic reduction of risk of fire, compliance with Health and Safety Regulations, improved ventilation for smoke and odour removal and improved hygiene standards. We offer one point of contact for all areas relating to kitchen ventilation systems UK wide leading to a streamlined and more efficient supply chain.

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